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Superintendents Report – March 2019

We received 154.5mm and 14 days of rainfall throughout the month of March.

The rain was consistent over this period with rain recorded on 10 consecutive days.

This is the highest monthly rainfall recorded since June 2018 (173mm) and if you go back further to March 2017 (394mm).

The rain was well received across the course on areas that were under stress from a lack of rainfall and irrigation, and proves just how resilient the turf grass can be.

During the recent rainfall we have managed to complete a full course application of the pre- emergent herbicide “Embago”, this product is our frontline defense in the control of the Winter grass weed across the course, including tees, fairways and roughs.

We will hopefully enjoy some slightly cooler conditions as we enter the Autumn season.

Greens- I am very pleased with all of the programs on the greens including weeds (Winter grass), Pests (Stem weevil), and the multiple diseases that can affect the turf grass on the greens. We have suffered very little turf stress in what has been a very difficult Summer for many sportsturf facilities in our area and in Sydney.

As we enter the Autumn season you will notice some discoloration to the edges of the greens as we now start the control of kikuyu encroachment into the greens, disruption to the playing surface will be minimal.

Greens are being cut 5-6 times per week.

Greens remain the main priority for water usage when supply is restricted.

Tees – Tees are being cut twice a week.

We fertilized the tees in mid-March, (yep just in time for the rainfall) and the turf has responded well with great colour and recovery.

Fairways – The fairways have shown how resilient the turfgrass is with the drought stress finally relieved and recovery well underway, we fertilised the 5th fairway and this was followed by 29mm of rainfall (luck or good management, I’m not really sure), anyway the turf has improved and we are looking good as we enter the cooler months.

Machinery – Gary has had a busy month with general servicing and the breakdown of the 3 older Toro Triplex greens and tees mowers (things happen in threes), the problems have been rectified and the machines are back on the course.

Bunkers – We have recently used some donated turf to carry out work on the 3rd fairway bunker by reducing the size of the bunker and by making the bunker shallower, the left hand side of the bunker will remain GUR however the bunker is in play, the work was carried out to reduce the possibility of tree root exposure in the bunker via regular maintenance.

General trimming occurs once a month at the moment.

Trees and Gardens – Four small/medium size dead Pine trees have been removed from the right- and left-hand side of the 12th hole.

We have planted another Brushbox tree on the right-hand side of the 7th fairway just up from the ladies’ tee.

The next major garden maintenance will be hedge trimming across the course, thank you to the Garden Party who helped with the trimming and clean up of the hedges on the chipping green and 18th tee, as they say many hands make light work.

Pathways – We have almost completed the fence along the 7th side of the irrigation dam and installed the Sydney water signs in accordance to the supply contract.

The fence rails just need to be stained for the job to be completed.

The next job on the schedule will be the installation of the plastic grids on the pathway to the top 3rd tee, the installation will focus on consistency and ease of use and to be cost effective compared to concrete.

General maintenance including the relocation of road base to repair low areas and step ups to tee areas.

Vandalism – No vandalism has been recorded for the month of March.

Regards Mark Yates