GreenKeepers Blog

August 2019

We received 17mm of rainfall in July (5 days) and followed by only 48.5 mm in August (4 Days) this results in 654mm for the year.

It has been a very dry Winter and we are looking forward to the warmer weather when we will see some recovery across all turf surfaces.

Greens – We carried out our hollow coring of all the greens in early August, this is the only time of the year we can achieve this important cultural practice due to the heavy playing schedule throughout the year.

This has been the first major renovation to our greens in 3 years.

We had several areas of the greens lift during the coring process and this was disappointing however most of the areas have recovered well.

We plan to resurface the 2nd green starting with the application of a non-selective herbicide in late September, this will be followed by 2 more applications at fortnightly intervals.

We have scheduled for the old turf to be removed in mid- November following the ladies and Junior opens, the areas will then be levelled and reseeded there will be an approximately 12 weeks grow in period for the new seed.

During this time a temporary green will be in play on the fairway side of the small dam.

Tees – Tees are being cut once a week.

We need to rotate the marker placement more often in the cooler months as turfgrass recovery is slower and we need to distribute the wear on the tee area.

Fairways – With the start of spring and a week of warmer weather we have already seen the turf start to green up and grow, we just need some rainfall to stimulate more growth across the entire course.

We plan an application of a selective herbicide (Late September) to remove some of the rye grass areas to make for better turf uniformity, this will allow the Kikuyu to continue to be the dominate species of grass on fairways and rough areas.

We also plan to aerate the fairways and tees and follow this up with an application of fertilizer to give us a stronger turfgrass as we lead into the warmer months.

Machinery- We have used the recently purchased stump grinder to remove 16 stumps across the course, unfortunately due to difficult weather condition (wind) we have had our time continually focused on the course cleanup.

Bunkers- We are scheduling the reconstruction of the 5th bunker with the use of artificial turf as the face of the bunker, please check out Eco bunker on the net for more information. This product will help prevent erosion, improve bunker consistency and reduce our maintenance costs. This redesign will be carried out during early October.

Trees and Gardens – We have had a very busy Winter tree removal program including several large trees, notably the removal of the two dead pine from the left-hand side of the 12th fairway adjacent to the ladies 7th tee.

We will continue the tree removal as our number one activity when time and staff allocation is available.

Pathways –The improvements to the pathway to the top 3rd tee appears to be working well with several positive comments from members, we have greatly reduced the potential erosion and trip hazards from this area.

Regards Mark Yates