Superintendents Report – June 2020

Greens- We have finally opened the 2nd green for play and I thank all our members for their patience over the past few months, I am pleased with the overall result and can’t wait for Spring to plant out the rock areas at the rear of the green.

All greens are running ok at the moment although the frequency of rain has kept them a little softer and slower than I would like, this will probably change when the August winds arrive.

Tees –Tees are being cut once a fortnight. We need to rotate the marker placement more often in the cooler months as turfgrass recovery is slower and we need to distribute the wear on the tee area.

A reminder to all members to PLEASE repair their divots so I don’t have to listen to Stuart winge ALL the time.

Fairways – We applied a mix of turf colorant and an iron based fertilizer to the fairways and some greens surrounds, this makes for better fairway definition and the darker color attracts more heat from the sun allowing for extended growth and recovery in the cooler months.

We are only cutting fairways once a month and mainly concentrating on debris/divot removal with the use of our tow behind blower.

A second colorant application will take place at the end of the month.

Bunkers – Bunkers remain as preferred lies during the COVID restrictions, all bunkers will be trimmed over the next week or two and some sand relocation will take place during this maintenance.

Trees and Gardens –Four large dead pine trees have been removed from the LHS of the first fairway towards the green area with one more still to be removed, two other “problem” trees have been removed from the between the 7th and 15th fairways. and the large pine near the 15th tee.

We will continue our tree maintenance program every Monday and Tuesday of each week.

Pathways –Some areas have been topped up with gravel including the 7th tee and behind the 15th tee.

Regards Mark Yates

Kiama Golf Club / Course Superintendent