October Greenkeeper’s Blog

Superintendents Report – October 2018

During the month of October, we received 139mm of rainfall and recorded rainfall on 13 days. All rainfall was received in the first half of the month.

Our year to date total stands at 658mm.

The recycled water supply appears to be up and running with a regular supply on a daily basis, with the dam finally reaching capacity on the 9.11.2018 almost 11 months since the water was stopped. We have been required to patiently wait for the resumption of the water supply and to continue to be compliant with the strict regulations placed on us by the Department of Health.

I would like to thank our members who have been supportive to the greenstaff throughout this time when the course presentation and playing conditions were compromised due to the limited water supply and prolonged drought conditions.

To the board of directors and David Rootham, thank you for your support and despite the frustration over the 11-month time frame we all stayed positive of a good outcome.

To my crew “Great Effort Guys” a lot of time spent hand hosing and identifying problem areas and acting accordingly, if this is the toughest thing we have had to deal with as a team, well bring it on.


We are continuing our wintergrass control program with consistent results in reducing the infestation. We will hopefully see a reduced disease presence due to this program as the wintergrass is far more susceptible to disease occurrence, and so far, so good with no disease recorded over the winter and spring months although we are now entering the peak season for disease and pests.

We have developed a sound preventative control program for the control of our main problem pest the Argentine Stem Weevil (Listronotus bonariensis).

Over the coming months greens will be softer as we increase the irrigation requirements due to the rise in temperatures.


are in good condition considering the tough growing conditions over the past few months and the rainfall throughout October has been well received.

We are starting to cut the tees twice weekly.


With the resumption of the recycled water supply we can once again irrigate fairways for the first time since early March.

The fairways on the Southern side of the course are in good condition however fairways 5, 7, 13, and 15 have some catching up to do and to fully recover.

With the water supply appearing to be reliable we are able to use the injection system at the pump shed to inject wetting agent into the water during normal irrigation, the wetting agent has positive benefits in breaking down soil tension and allowing the water to penetrate into the root zone of the turfgrass, consistent light applications allow for a build up of the product in the soil that has great benefits in water usage and conservation.


Our head mechanic (only mechanic) has been busy maintaining the cutting blades and regular servicing on all our machines as we head into the peak growing season, at the moment all machines are running well.


One of our long-time members and managing director of Multiquip Quarries has sent down 10 tons of quality bunker sand for us to trial in our course bunkers, this amount will allow us to “top up” 1 large bunker or 2 smaller bunkers, most likely the 3rd greenside or the bunkers on 13.

Thank you, Steve Mikosic for the supply of the sand.

Trees and Gardens

During September and October, we utilized our “root trimming machine” to remove dozens of problem tree roots that were encroaching on to the fairways.

We were preoccupied with very time-consuming watering throughout the past few months that we were restricted in our tree maintenance/ removal program however we will continue to remove problem trees.


General maintenance including the relocation of road base to repair low areas and step ups to tee areas.


No vandalism has been recorded for the month of October.

Regards Mark Yates