Club House and Dress Rules

Members and Visitors Guide

 CLUBHOUSE DRESS -Not Acceptable -Golf Spikes Hats & helmets Swimwear Singlets Bike shorts Training Apparel Faded or Frayed Clothing

Acceptable -Neat, clean & tidy clothing Women’s & men’s dress sandals, Dress shirts without collar

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Inhouse Rules

When visiting the Club we will need to view proof of address with photo ID.

If you live in 5km of the Club the Registered Clubs Act 1976 states that a person residing within 5km radius of our Club must either: be a member of the club, be signed in by a member as their guest, or provide proof of membership of another golf club and write these details clearly on their entry in the Temporary Members registartion.If you don’t fall within these regulations, we would ask you to complete the a membership application form and on your next visit, submit it either to reception or bar staff, together with your identification and appropriate membership fee. Social Membership fee is $12 GST inclusive. This can be done seven days a week at the Club between the hours of 10am and 5pm. Otherwise, in accordance with our obligations under the Act, we cannot allow you entry to our Club.

The Registered Clubs Act 1976 regulates all areas of the Club, which includes the restaurant, bingo sessions and raffles, along with liquor sales and gaming operations etc. As with all Clubs with in NSW, the restaurant is not a public restaurant, but a facility provided by the Club for our members and their guests. Conditions of entry (as outlined above) apply to both the main Club area and the restaurant.

We hope you enjoyed your visit to our ‘friendly little Club’ and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Can I bring my kids to the Club?

People under the age of 18(minors) are allowed to enter the Club and be seated in the allocated areas of the club. They must always be in the company of a responsible adult. Responsible adult- a reponsible adult is defined as:

1) a parent, step parent or guardian of the minor

2) the minor's spouse or defacto

3)a person who is, for the time being, exercising the rights of the minor's parent, stepparent or guardian.

The rule applies to all Minors including those who have played golf in a tournament.We cannot discriminate between a golfer and a non- golfer. Minors must be off the premises by 9.30pm unless they are in the Club for a private function and have the following approval from Management.

Is gaming a problem for you? Call G-LINE(NSW)a confidential, anonymous & free counselling service. FREE CALL 1800 633 635

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Responsible Service of Alcohol

Responsible service of alcohol is vital for legal, health and community reasons. Our society is now less tolerant of the irresponsible use of alcohol that leads to drunkenness, drink driving and under-age drinking.

We are now far more aware of the serious social problems that are associated with such behavior.

Kiama Golf Club has adopted the following strategies for the Responsible Service of Alcohol:

House Policy

providing the framework for the responsible service of alcohol.

Education of Patrons

so that they may understand the implications of and abide by the responsible service of alcohol policy.

Promoting Safe Transport Options

Free Courtesy Bus and Taxi Vouchers

Kiama Golf Club Safe Transport Policy

Courtesy bus This service operates from 5.30 - 11.30 pm, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.For reservations contact the club. When the courtesy bus is not running the bar staff can issue a discount cab voucher upon request.

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