Vets Golf

Kiama Veterans Golf is the ideal group for any active over 55 who is a keen golfer or just new to the game. Our Vets committee strives to create a social, inclusive atmosphere while still offering the chance for competitive golf.

Kiama Golf Club hosts Vets golf on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

September Veterans Golf News

During August Vets Committee meeting discussion occurred regarding prizes and prize allocations for Vets in Conjunction events.  As a result it was decided to make the following changes.

(1) Events will be graded the same as the major club events, ie;  each competition will be 2 or 3 grades, depending on player numbers.   Compared to now  when all Vets events are graded as two grades.

(2) Vets prizes in each grade will be  1st 3 balls,  2nd 2 balls and 3rd 1 ball.

(3) The existing  N.T.P.  and D & P  prizes will cease .  (this  eliminates the occasional instances of Non Veteran players  mistakenly put their name on pins  meant for Vets. , thereby discouraging  Vets adding their names to claim a prize they may be entitled to)

The change will result in a couple of extra ball being distributed compared to now and also  removes the need for Green Staff to put out pins for Vets.

Our stock of Vets shirts are running low and need bolstering.  The matter was discussed and a decision made to investigate whether  to continue with the existing shirt or get a slightly different  one, using similar colour and possibly with a better/more appropriate fabric.   As a result I have asked Golf Shop staff to obtain a price for a product of suitable quality and design together the Vets logo.  Vet members are invited pass any comments they have on this issue to any Vets Committee members.   Further committee decision will be made at our next meeting.

Kel Schreiber KGC Veterans Captain.