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Once you are aged 55 or over you are eligible to play with the 'Vets'

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 January Vets News

Club January Newsletter

Preparations are getting underway for our 2018 program.   Aside from normal monthly Vets Day and Vets in Conjunction the following are events coming up and are circulated for members information.

1.  The 2018 Trevor Bell Shield gets underway in April;  The program as it stand now is –

                9th April a Port Kembla

                14th May at Russell Vale

                12th June at Wollongong

                20 August at Grange

                10th September at Kiama

8th October at Shellharbour Links

8th November at Jamberoo.


A form has been prepared for members interested in playing in the competition can put their names up.

The list is on Vets Notice Board in foyer.

Gus O’Brien has indicated his willingness to again undertake responsibility for team selections and co-ordination, as he has done for past couple of years.   We look forward to the keen interest members have displayed in recent years.

 2.  Barry White has been in contact with the Captain of Mollymook Vets and arrangements commenced for an interchange between our clubs to be played at Mollymook  0n  15TH  APRIL.  Members interest to participating in the exchange at asked to place their names in the appropriate list, which again is posted on Vets Notice Board. The interchange between our two clubs has been going on for a few years and are proving to be populate be members of both clubs.   A trophy (that is a fun trophy) has been struck and is keenly, if not light heartily contested. These days are proving to be popular.

 3.  Whilst I realise members are well aware of the Veterans weeks of golf be played across the state members are reminded dates of each event is available on Vets website; NSWVGA. COM.AU.   The revised website has been gradually released and as I found when I last look at it a few weeks ago, is much simpler to use.

 4.  Members are reminded annual fees are due 31 January and can be paid in conjunction with Club membership – Vets fee in now $10-00.

  Regards Kel Schreiber.



Hi to all members of the club and welcome to what I understand in the first article from Kiama Vets.

The Veterans committee is endeavoring to communicate to Vets members and club membership generally re veterans activities aside from the normal ‘Vets day’ activities.

The first issue to arise is as always, money, in the form of Veterans annual fees. Historically Veterans fee have been $5 a year.  From that sum an amount of $3 per member was paid to N.S.W.V.G.A. and $1 to I.V.G.A. But beginning next year the NSWVGA fee will increase to $5.00 obviously resulting in a total amount not covered by the existing $5-00 fee.   The issue of fees was raised at our A.G.M. in October and decision left for the incoming committee to decide.

At our last committee meeting it was passed that Kiama Vets fees be increased to $10 per year.  This sum may seem a bit generous when looking at the above distributions.  However the committee feeling was $10 is not a huge sum and will alleviate any further increase for some years.  Only time will tell.

The Vets financial position is sound at the moment and should stay that way if current expenditures are adhered to.  Members are also reminded the Vets committee over recent years has been always ready to contribute to the Golf Club projects when considered appropriate.   This I am sure will remain in place as our committee believes the money we raise is raised for the benefit of golfers generally, not specifically vets.  I can inform membership generally, over the past few years the Veterans committee has supported club projects to the sum of about $15,000.

On another issue, I have recently been given the role of Vets Captain and behalf of all golfers a specially thank you to Allan O’Keefe for the years of effort he put into the role.

 My aim is to communicate to Veteran Golfers matters effecting veterans, where appropriate, without being too ‘in your face’

I have a good number of Veterans email addresses, however I am sure there are a lot I don’t have.   If you have not received an email from me over the past few weeks and would be interested in receiving information, could you email me your address to  I assure you I will only be sending information re golf, no other rubbish.

Finally to all members and your families, have a Happy and Healthy Christmas and New Year.

Regards Kel Schreiber.



The latest issue of ‘The Brassie’ Australian Golf Heritage Society ' see your club' Thanks Andrew Wilson for that great story.


2016 Veterans Seadise Tournament Entry Form 2016 Veterans Seadise Tournament Entry Form


NSW Veterans Golf

Congratulations to the Kiama team which won the Trevor Bell Memorial Shield at Russell Vale on 7 November at Russell Vale

After seven years of participating in this competition we have won the shield.

Played in Stableford format, with an aggregated team score of the best six out of eight scores, the event is played in rotation at each of the seven Illawarra clubs. At the end of the seven rounds, the winning team is the one with the highest total.


Port Kembla happened to run us down last year to claim the trophy but the result was reversed this year.

Going into round 6, Port Kembla held a 20 point lead but that was whittled away to only 4 points.

So, with everything hingeing on the Russell Vale event, the Kiama players played magnificently to not only overcome that 4 point deficit, but to finish with a 16 point advantage over Port Kembla, with Jamberoo a further 15 points behind.


Conditions were hot and windy with the greens extremely fast.

Roger Millburn played extremely well for 25 points on the back nine for a total of 40 points with Paul McIllhatton on 38, Gordon Patterson on 37, David Martin on 36, Paul Brady on 34, Jim Cooper on 32, Lindsay Bagster on 31 and John Lawler on 24.


Thanks to Lindsay Bagster, Malcolm Blanch, Paul Brady, Colin Brown, Jim Cooper, Paul Ellis, John Fielding, Chris Gilmore, Rex Jones, John Keiley, Greg Latimer, John Lawler, David Martin, Paul McIllhatton, Paul McInerney, Roger Millburn, Neil Morrison, Gus O’Brien, Gordon Patterson, Kel Schreiber, Geoff Ward, Barry White, Glenn Whiteford, who have contributed to this win.

There was good team spirit with several Kiama players going to Russell Vale to support and encourage their team-mates to victory.

Regards Gus O'Brien