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Once you are aged 55 or over you are eligible to play with the 'Vets'

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Vets March newsletter input

Kiama Vets have 257 members who have renewed the memberships.  There are still some members from last year who have not renewed so I remind those their $10 renewal fee is due.  


I have reported previously of our return visit to Mollymook on 16th April.     Some have indicated their intention to participate in this event but more numbers are needed.   The fee for the day is $20 for play and light lunch.   If you desire to use a cart that cost is plus $30 or $15 each for shared cart.   Names can be recorded on the list on the Vets board in the foyer.   Also on the notice board is a list for players interested  in representing Kiama in the Trevor Bell Shield competition, which starts in April.

I also put a list of players who have balls/vouches to be collected on the notice board.  This list is updated ever couple of weeks.  If you thinks you may have won something please check.    Balls/vouchers can be collected from myself or from the scorer desk in the club on Vets open days.

 Kel Schreiber

Veterans Captain.

February 2018

(1) Vets have negotiated an advertisement package which will result in our group having advertising signs on the 18th tee and on the fence or thereabouts at the back of the 18th green. Obviously there is currently no advertisement at these locations and our committee regard entering into this arrangement as a financial benefit to the club as well as a means of promoting Veterans golf within the club.
(2) As reported last month are continuing our annual inter-change with Mollymook.
I previously reported we will travel to Mollymook in April. The date of our visit is 16th APRIL, not the 15th as I reported last month. A list has been displayed on Vets Notice board for players intending to play at Mollymook. A little further info on the visit, Barry White has organised will Mollymook fees for the day. They are; $20 for golf and light lunch and $15 each for players using carts.
(3) A further reminder of the 2018 Trevor Bell Shield. The first game is in April, Gus O'Brien continues as Manager for the Kiama team and is keen for players interested in participating to included their names on the appropriate list on Vets Notice board.
(4) A list of ball/vouches winners is displayed on the Vets notice board and outside Golf Shop on vets days and you can collect same at scores desk. Please check either list and collect your winnings. It is your responsibility to collect winnings. You are welcome to contact me to arrange
collection if there is any difficulty.

Kel Schreiber.


The latest issue of ‘The Brassie’ Australian Golf Heritage Society ' see your club' Thanks Andrew Wilson for that great story.


2016 Veterans Seadise Tournament Entry Form 2016 Veterans Seadise Tournament Entry Form


NSW Veterans Golf

Congratulations to the Kiama team which won the Trevor Bell Memorial Shield at Russell Vale on 7 November at Russell Vale

After seven years of participating in this competition we have won the shield.

Played in Stableford format, with an aggregated team score of the best six out of eight scores, the event is played in rotation at each of the seven Illawarra clubs. At the end of the seven rounds, the winning team is the one with the highest total.


Port Kembla happened to run us down last year to claim the trophy but the result was reversed this year.

Going into round 6, Port Kembla held a 20 point lead but that was whittled away to only 4 points.

So, with everything hingeing on the Russell Vale event, the Kiama players played magnificently to not only overcome that 4 point deficit, but to finish with a 16 point advantage over Port Kembla, with Jamberoo a further 15 points behind.


Conditions were hot and windy with the greens extremely fast.

Roger Millburn played extremely well for 25 points on the back nine for a total of 40 points with Paul McIllhatton on 38, Gordon Patterson on 37, David Martin on 36, Paul Brady on 34, Jim Cooper on 32, Lindsay Bagster on 31 and John Lawler on 24.


Thanks to Lindsay Bagster, Malcolm Blanch, Paul Brady, Colin Brown, Jim Cooper, Paul Ellis, John Fielding, Chris Gilmore, Rex Jones, John Keiley, Greg Latimer, John Lawler, David Martin, Paul McIllhatton, Paul McInerney, Roger Millburn, Neil Morrison, Gus O’Brien, Gordon Patterson, Kel Schreiber, Geoff Ward, Barry White, Glenn Whiteford, who have contributed to this win.

There was good team spirit with several Kiama players going to Russell Vale to support and encourage their team-mates to victory.

Regards Gus O'Brien